Luminita Marinas.

Director Resurse Umane – Tehnoplus Medical

Executive Coaching

Luminita MarinasI had the opportunity of initiating an executive coaching project with Elena. I’m saying “chance” because I believe that not many of the Romanian employees have access to this type of activity.

Through this program, I learned to be more firm in professional relationships, I learned I have the power to say “no” and even help others understand the benefits of my “negative” response, depending on the situation, of course. My cooperation with Elena on this project has helped me understand more deeply the role of the manager and management in an organization.

I would like to thank Elena for her transparency and for the opportunity we had to work together.

Team Coaching

We all like to say that teamworking makes things easier and is also very beneficial; yet often we have a hard time accepting others’ opinions and ideas, especially when they are contrary to our own. By participating in Dreams come TRUE Team Coaching program, I’ve really learned what a team means and I’ve experienced myself the benefits of teamworking.

It’s a wonderful experience to see how a team is built through each member’s efforts, to realize that you can establish common goals and that synergy actually works.

Thank you, Elena, for the way you managed to unite and motivate us to be more open towards each other, to understand and accept each other. Your Team coaching techniques engaged us in a collaborative alliance to establish and clarify purpose and goals and to develop a plan of action to achieve our goals.

We have finally had an understanding of what is really important in our lives and subsequently enables us to take charge of life.

Key benefits of the Team Coaching Program for us were:

  • Aligning the team around mission, strategy, values and rewards;
  • Developing a high-performing team;
  • Solving actual business problems, challenges and accessing opportunities;
  • Developing an explicit contract between leader and team members, and among members, regarding roles and responsibilities;
  • Providing leaders and team members the opportunity to develop new leadership skills and behaviors and then cascading the shared leadership culture throughout the organizations;
  • The process has been effectively used for a wide variety of teams – senior management, functional, cross-functional, product, cross-cultural, regional and virtual teams.

The overarching goals were to foster more effective teamwork, individual leadership transformation, team transformation, strategy implementation, stronger bonds within teams, and a new organizational culture.

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