Iris Andronache.

Trainer A&D Pharma

Do you know how it feels when you are expecting an ordinary experience and the extraordinary happens? This was my meeting with Elena.

Our project had a standard start: she asked for a meeting to get to know each other and we asked for a demo to have a taste of what she can do. The demo meeting revealed 2 valuable sides of Elena: the professional one and the personal one. Even now, when I am writing these lines, it is impossible for me to choose my favourite…I believe that Elena adds value to her projects due to this unique mix of the two.

Once the meeting was over I debriefed it with my colleagues and none of us could explain what had happened… During a 2 hours demo, we all felt safe enough to put on the table topics that made us feel vulnerable, to explore the help our colleagues can offer us and to discover how important we feel when we offer help and support to others. And we were having these breakthroughs in front of a person we were meeting for the first time in our lives! Since it seemed too good to be true, we asked for a second demo with Elena, thinking that the previous demo was good because of us… But the second time, history repeated itself.

This lady, friendly and humble, works her “magic” in a very discrete way. Working with her one comes to acknowledge the factors that are sabotaging our efforts. And it gets better: you feel that all these insights, answers, solutions…come from you! “God, I’m good! I found the solution! And it was so easy!” you tell to yourself, forgetting that Elena was there to foster the process.

Even if we worked together for a short while, it was a very intense experience during a project that combined training with coaching techniques. Looking back to what we accomplished together, I feel confident to endorse Elena and I encourage any manager that feels reluctant to the coaching idea (can there be someone more skeptical than I was?) to try it out. I do not believe in promises of dreams coming true, but I believe that Elena as a coach achieves goals and maximizes the value of people that are lucky enough to work with her.

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