Diana Gogot.

Diana GogoțWhen you dream that you can change the world, that you are surrounded by wonderful people and all the things thet happen in life in an wonderful way, you forget to see yourself. Or at least that happened to me until I started working with Elena.

During coaching sessions I discovered that things will happen if  first you start see yourself as you really are.

I rediscovered the joy and the power of being myself, the motivation and the responsibility to do the things that I wish and in the same time I managed to improve my training and work.
And I learned that yes, the dreams come true. I learned that its necessary to trust yourself and to trust what you wish, to have the power to accomplish and the courage to dream.

For me it was very impressive this development process and especially to work with Elena, who always managed to impress me by both professionalism and the attitude and her magnificent state of mind.
Following this coaching program among the successes that I have obtained are awareness and responsibility, results orientation, I have managed to  improve my personal relationships.

But the most important thing for me is that I realized that I can be the one that I wish and I have the power to create my own life.
Thank you Elena for this wonderful beginning and I believe that anyone who would like to start this coaching program he will find all those treasures which he is searching for.

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