Cosmin-Alexandru Nedelea.

Bank-Branch Manager

Each one of us goes through different stages in life. On this journey, we have the possibility of living through some of the most diverse experiences.

Nevertheless, there are moments when we feel the need to improve some aspect of our lives or maybe we don’t even like the direction we’re going. We could have several options of doing something about it or none at all. Our judgment is a part of our brain which can sometimes be buried in our ego.

In my case, my ego was strong, so willful that it started growing into something different. I would categorize it in two words – self-destruction. But here is where my story had a nice twist.

The only thing that someone can show us or teach us, is the fact that we have to become aware of our need for guidance – like someone telling us to shout out for help; and that is where your discernment comes in. When you managed to break that barrier, the main step has been made.

The choice for me has a name: Elena Capruciu. Rediscovering the parts that you didn’t think existed or that you didn’t like to think existed is the hardest part.

When you realize that what you’ve been doing for so many years was in fact detrimental to you and that you were actually hindering yourself, then you are on the right path.

That’s what Elena did in my case: she helped me to no longer struggle with myself and to accept the fact that not everything that I was thinking was good for me.

It seems very easy at first sight, but I can assure you that’s not the case at all. There have been many moments in the past when I wanted to give up going to these meetings and maybe this didn’t happen just once, since the fight waged within us could sometimes have disastrous results.

Well in my case, it didn’t turn out that way, thanks to this “Nice Lady” , who had the needed patience to be by my side in my struggle.

There is a whole list of ways you can seek healing, but at the risk of repeating myself, I would like to say that unless you accept and openly ask for this help, nothing can be done.

And in closing, I would like to add: watch your thoughts, because generally they tend to materialize fairly quickly, so it’s up to you to choose the right path. These are the words you should meditate upon; they are not mine, but Elena’s: Dear ones, fight for yourselves – it is within your power!”

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