Cezar Tabac.


Cezar Tabac Till Elena Căpruciu I knew little about coaching.

This is my first contact with the coaching process, both in life and in business. These two aspects are closely related to the life of any human being, whether employee or employer.

I have liked working with Elena because she is very calm and quickly she gained my trust. The one thing that maybe I didn’t learn by now, is probably the most important aspect of them all: to trust in myself.

Only her presence made ​​me feel good and gave me wings to fly and feel that I can do what I want in life. Of course, now it seems something normal, but before her I believed they are not for everyone. Through education we are taught to limit ourselves, no matter the area of activity, money, career, lifestyle …

What I found interesting about Elena’s coaching method is the fact that what we talked about during those sessions, has started slowly to emerge. Not immediately, but in 6 months already, I think differently and I am aware of some aspects. From other points of view, which now seem to me to be normal as thinking and concepts, my relatives say that I’ve changed.

The beautiful part of all of this is that I have zero limits, I want something and I go get it. Of course, there is work at hand too, if you claim something, the brilliant part is that there is enough for everyone.


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