Bianca Panturu.

Director Resurse Umane – Tremend Software Consulting

Bianca PanturuDuring my first, yet short, coaching session in CROS Camp, Elena disrupted me quite badly. She showed me, harshly, the way my fears are perceived from outside and it was then that I started to understand that the power they had over me was not entirely justified. Along with the fall in CROS, I wished for her to by my coach. I had anticipated it was not going to be easy to go through this entire process that forces me to see things from a certain perspective, but it was something I needed.

With Elena, alongside her, I understood my restrictive beliefs and the obstacles they brought along.

With Elena, alongside her, I began to believe that my thoughts are reflected around me and that I have the strength to choose the best of them.

Still by her I realised for the first time in my life that it is normal to love myself, a feeling I had never before associated with this picture. Elena taught me to stand straight, from all points of view. The fact that I have the strength to straighten up in an instant, both on the outside and on the inside, says a lot about the change I made in my life.

She reminded me to smile! Sometimes I laugh out loud. I stopped feeling guilty.

Now I have my dream job that brings yet more challenges.

When I encounter a scenario that resembles something we have discussed, I smile and I become more gentle… both, with me and with the person standing right next to me.

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