Ana Zaharia.

Service Manager - Tehnoplus Medical

Hello Everyone,

Ana ZahariaMy name is Ana Zaharia and I would like to tell you about my short (for now) yet intense relationship with “coaching”. This year I attended one of the “Team Coaching” modules leaded by Elena.

My colleague, the director of the HR department, had informed us for some time about the first meeting, and my instant (unspoken) response was: “Wow, great, another psycho-blah blah session” (notice the irony?!). I went into the conference room together with my colleagues, 12 in total, to meet our Coach, Elena.

My first impression: a smart, professional and straightforward woman. After an 8(!) hour-long introductory meeting I, the one always sure of herself and with the “labels” always at hand, left that room intrigued and curious, something that I hadn’t felt in quite some time.

During these meetings that combine various exercises involving communication, honesty and respect, I got to know my colleagues in a way that would not have been accessible to me without coaching.

And although this was Team Coaching, so by definition business-oriented, the progress and the discoveries made had an impact also on my personal life and charmed me towards that balance zone we all dream of. I believe everyone should take advantage of the opportunity to attend at least one Coaching session. The ones who have many questions will receive their answers, those who have none will be intrigued, and those who bear the world on their shoulders will realize that they are not alone, but that there are others who will help them  bear that burden.

I learned many things about myself and my co-workers and I am sure this has helped me become a better professional and an even better person – I hope. My impression of Elena Capruciu, at the end of the Team Coaching: a perfect gardener of minds and hearts (flawlessly smart, professional and straightforward).

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