Ana Maria Nedelea.

Cards Coordinator - UniCredit-Tiriac Bank

a href=””>Ana Maria Nedelea“No/not” is the notion that followed me around all of my life: I cannot, I do not believe, I don’t want, I am not capable, I do not know what I want, who and what I am… not to speak about the “blame” notion: Why did it happened this way? I do not know, it is not my fault!!!

Better said, I never knew this up until, constrained by some circumstances, I’ve met Elena. Because this is how life goes… you have to hit the ceiling in order to get down to reality. You cannot imagine how hard I hit my ceiling.

Anyway, not the ceiling is important; the comeback to reality part is – our own responsability.  If there is something that I’ve realized about myself during this period is this: the power to be just the way you want lies only within. Even though Elena showed me the map, I have the compass.

In order to lose the notion of “no” from my vocabulary, the path was surely established with Elena’s help.

Let’s summarize: I can, I believe, I am capable, I know what I want, who I am and what I am and this is where I have to be. Am I there yet? Well I have a few more roads to cover, but what I am certain of is the fact that I WANT to be ME in any possible way!

In the end: THANK YOU ANA because I want my life and THANK YOU ELENA, because you are part of my life.

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