Alexandra Dragomir.

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Dragomir Alexandra

When I started coaching my dream was to find the best path for me. I was in the point where I had to take decisions.  I had a full life. I felt that things were moving. I wanted to build the life I deserve. I wanted to order my life. I wanted to begin to understand and love myself.

I entered the coaching program with Elena through a project from CROS. Initially I accepted the idea of ​​coaching because it was for me the most challenging activity at the moment. We had a first meeting with all the coaches in the program. I felt from the first moment that I will work with Elena. She seemed to be a gentle and calm person as I never met before. The initial feeling came true so that both me and Elena agreed to work together.

I initially resisted the coaching process. I didn’t have a clear objective and I recall that even our meetings were a challenge for me. Initially I wanted to develop a business in the area of intellectual capital. Moving forward with the coaching process I have realized that this was not my true desire and so I turned to self-discovery targets. We redefined the goal and went in the love and self-esteem areas.

What I consider very important is the fact that the discovery process continued long after the coaching program ended. The coaching program with Elena has opened many doors, pushed several buttons and continue to work even today.

Elena’s coaching gave me confidence in myself. It created some healthy habits that I use today. Through coaching I realized for the first time who I am, understanding my bottlenecks and starting to work with them.

Interestingly enough, immediately after the coaching program opportunities started to rush  in my life. I found out then that my career had no connection with the accounting area (although I had invested 4 years in my training), so I gave up the master: I had the courage to give up and to follow my dream. Coaching gave me the chance to begin to decide for myself, to have the courage to do and to be what I wanted to be. Through coaching Elena taught me to be responsible for my life and to quit blaming those around me. Elena opened a road that I follow even today.

Elena is a person who has found her way to give something to the world. Thanks to coaching Elena participates in people’s lives in a way that can make a difference. I think that people come to this Earth with a purpose, and Elena has found her purpose and she converts it into reality in an authentic manner. In my life, Elena – as a coach brought balance, courage, self-knowledge, self-love, the desire to understand spirituality, change of believes and managed to open up a world I did not knew it existed.

Elena as a coach is a person who listens, without judging. Who is authentic and creative – adjusting the coaching process to the coachee’s needs.

She is involved in the change process and cares about the person in front of her, launching challenges and guiding him or her in order to find the solutions to the „problems” faced. Elena trusts your potential and you can see this through out the entire coaching length.  In fact, Elena brings put to surface abilities, skills and talents you didn’t knew you have.

My dream came true. I’m leaving it even now. I’m a person at peace with myself, I am self-confident and feel how my life  becomes increasingly better everyday. Through coaching I realized that life will cross your path with many challenges – a coaching process doesn’t get rid of all the problems in the world but helps me to understand, respect, love and listen to myself.  This is how I can overcome any challenge that life will put in my way. Coaching with Elena  gave me the confidence that my dream can come true. The mere fact that I got to fulfill one of my dreams makes me confident that dreams come true.

My advice is to have the courage to discover who you are and how you can get where you want. Test a coaching program with Elena and then you will realize that „Dreams Come True” is more than a slogan. Trust yourself and give yourself the chance to know yourself, to forgive, to love, to eliminate fears, to build healthy relationships and to be happy – because you deserve it. It is important that you are solely responsible for your life.

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